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Twisted and broken, some of the parts are missing
She doesn't like talking about her past, other than to say it was pretty bad. She's a runaway, who's spent time on the streets. When she got hooked on Trinity the men that got her hooked figured she'd be good to keep around for their entertainment.
When she tried to get away the first time she was found, lost and scared by Sarah., who was kind to her, reminding her not all people were bad. Later in the night she met Ashe, who showed her magic.
Now she wants to actually live a life instead of exist it.
But I was left alive
TRIGGER WARNINGS The character may cause alarming situations, she is under age so I will keep her from most adult situations, but canon wise she was an addict, I will be having her trying to recover from it. Muse is UNDER 18!
I'm not Dakota Fanning, just using her for the PB
Character isn't mine though I had to make up a lot of her back story, she has three scenes in Crow: City of Angels, one with Sarah, and two with Ashe. So I didn't have a lot to work with
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